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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I must stop neglecting my blog and my sanity!

I keep myself so busy reading and visiting other blogs and being on etsy that I don't use any of my computer time for posting on my own blog.

I have also been a little preoccupied. One of my daughter's is having a rough bout with her depression/OCD again. Boy, when one of my kids are unhappy it just wipes me out. I would do anything to take that painful burden on myself so she would not have to feel it. If only I could. I don't usually blog about anything quite this personal but I figured I needed to do something theraputic for myself as well. I feel so worn down and I am so hardheaded, until her pain is gone, I will do everything I can to take it upon myself, when we all know that is pretty much impossible. Please just keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

She's so very artistic in so many ways, that it just amazes me. She's a writer, an awesome photographer, she can sketch and draw anything. She has a very keen eye for alternative fashion and can take an old pair of jeans and turn them into a complete, one of a kind, piece of art, that leaves everyone asking "Where'd you get those?! I love them" but when the deep hole of depression grabs hold and sucks her in, all of that beauty and life is put on hold and it's a terrible and hurtful shame. It breaks my heart into many pieces over and over. I told her that I love her more than anything and have big strong shoulders but inside my heart is breaking into a million pieces.

Well looks like I've gone on for much longer than I originally intended! Thanks for stopping in. For anyone who suffers from the darkness of depression/OCD please know you are not alone..NOT ALONE. God's many blessings to us all.

P.S. I can't seem to get my etsy shop filled with the hundreds of items I need to get in there because I'm too busy using my computer time to buy handmade soaps, read the forums on etsy, read everyone's blogs..neverending circle! LOL. But I love it! Stay tuned because I am seriously considering studying and learning soap making, "uh-oh...there she goes again"is what my dear, patient husband will say! I am so in love with the natural beauty and benefits of goats milk and other ingredients God has put before us!


Giftbearer said...

Hi Kim,

I enjoyed reading your blog! Hang in there!

kim* said...

hi dont neglect your blog but if you must its ok :)

Thumperdd said...

Oh! Thank you for this post...having the same problem over here. If only the Etsy forums weren't so much fun, perhaps I could get something else done!

LOVE your banner - it's beautiful!


The Chrysanthemum said...

Oooh, I am praying for your daughter...and you.