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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ok the fire background is now gone...

I could not stand the brightness of the fire background on my blog so it is now history! Maybe someday I'll find some soft fire for a background on my blog as I do work with fire to create my lampwork beads!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello everyone...

Well it looks like my fire
background on my blog
was a little bright..I have
been trying so hard to
find a background that
incorporates fire as thats
what it takes to make my beads!
No fire, no lampwork beads!

See my dad in the picture he even uses fire for
his blacksmithing and I use fire for my beads so where
in the world can a gal get a good picture of some fire/flames
that does'nt blind a person!! LOL.

HAPPY SPRING!!! I have an illness! SPRING FEVER!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here! Yipppeee! and today I turned 40....

  1. Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Spring Fever has hit me full force!
    More of my babies below

    Hello! I am so behind on blogging. Posting to my own that is..
    I am too busy reading everyone else's!
    Since today is my (shhhh) 40th b-day, I figured
    I'd post to my own blog! It's 60 degrees here
    today in the mountains of WV and spring fever
    has grabbed me and I love it. Thank you God for the seasons.
    I have a few pics of some of my animals..they own the house,
    never talk back to me (not too much anyway), and are just
    a bit spoiled. Whenever an animal wonders onto my property,
    they know they have found love and a home...I swear they can
    smell that welcome from miles....I have more babies than
    what is pictured but I figured a few at a time!

    Now for my grandson..Joey..well he is boy 110%!
    He was doing some monkey jumping on the bed and
    crashed into the dresser and we spent last Sunday
    evening in the er so he could get stitches.
    Well he's so smart for 4 years old and when he
    does something he does it up right. His cut was
    too deep for the glue stitches they have and too
    deep for the little butterfly thingey so needless
    to say we had to hold him down and you know how
    that story goes....He did not even cry after crashing
    headfirst into the dresser!
    (Grandma was right all along, he does have a hard head!)
    He only said ouch that hurt. When he heard the word
    stitches..well that was it...he started crying and
    did not stop until he finally konked out for the night!
    I raised 4 daughters and never did I know how much a
    boy could be such a!
    All along the way my 2 year old grandaughter is saying
    "Joejoe, it'll be'll be alright."
    She had to go along as well but stayed in the waiting
    area with her Aunt Jessie. She has been exclusively
    breastfed since birth and must always be by Mommy's side.
    (Another story!)