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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ok the fire background is now gone...

I could not stand the brightness of the fire background on my blog so it is now history! Maybe someday I'll find some soft fire for a background on my blog as I do work with fire to create my lampwork beads!


Anonymous said...

I think I have things fixed now where comments can be posted!

kim* said...

yay. I am glad you fixed it, you would have neevr known i read your blog :)

It takes time to get a blog to look the way you want it and then you may end up changing it yearly or even every season. I am pretty happy with mine.

cant wait to see more in here!

WvLampworkArtist1 said...

thank you!! I am off to check out your blog now.

shiborigirl said...

I like this new background. I've seen it on other blogs and have admired it.
It's very easy on the eyes...

And you beads are GORGEOUS!